Customize Your Volunteer Position

Have you searched through our volunteer projects and didn’t find a project that is just the right fit for you?  Do you have expertise you want to contribute by volunteering in Israel?

Our screening and application process is structured to ensure a good match between you and our Israeli partner organizations.

Step 1:  Complete our online inquiry.  Tell us more about yourself .  Share your professional background, special skills and volunteer goals.

Step 2:  Skilled Volunteers for Israel Staff will contact you to schedule your telephone interview.

Step 3:  Initiate Placement Application and Screening.  Submit Placement Application & Fee, and release,  references, and security forms

Step 4:  Applicant Accepted

Step 5:  Volunteer Placement Developed

Step 6:  Orientation and Preparation

Step 7:  Israel and Meaningful Volunteering!

In Israel, our local Israeli staff support your successful volunteer experience.  They will:

  • Share a Welcome Kit,
  • Map out your public transportation routes to your placement,
  • Accompany you to your first meeting,
  • Introduce you to your work  team
  • Check-in regularly

SVFI has placed over 70 volunteers since launching in 2011,  and we have served a wide variety of professionals, including, but not limited to:

  • Writers and Translators
  • Accountants, Attorneys, Business and Organizational Consultants
  • University and Community College Professors
  • Rabbis
  • Photographers


“All of the children and the staff have given me such a warm welcome and I have never felt like a stranger in their midst. I can sincerely say that I have felt part of the volunteer team throughout the short time I have been here. I am very grateful to all of its members and am keenly aware that in other volunteer situations it can often take a much longer time to feel at home.”

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