Application & Fees

Application & Placement Process

Our volunteer placement process individually matches each volunteer to an assignment with an Israeli non-profit or educational organization.

placement-process-3Application Fees 

  • Individual Volunteer:  $360.00
  • Volunteer with a Friend – Save money, share costs and share the experience of volunteering:  $250 per person when volunteering with a friend.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel’s services include:


To finalize placement, volunteers must:

We generally recommend a minimum time commitment of three weeks to one month to volunteer.

Volunteer is responsible for: Housing, flight, insurance and personal expenses


Travel Information from US State Department


“All of the children and the staff have given me such a warm welcome and I have never felt like a stranger in their midst. I can sincerely say that I have felt part of the volunteer team throughout the short time I have been here. I am very grateful to all of its members and am keenly aware that in other volunteer situations it can often take a much longer time to feel at home.”

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