Want to Volunteer?

Skilled Volunteers for Israel offers multiple pathways to a meaningful and exciting skilled volunteer position. Depending upon your skills and interests, when and where you want to volunteer, we can help select the option that best fits you.

Our screening and application process is structured to ensure a good match between you and our Israeli partner organizations.

Step 1:  Search our volunteer projects  or  Select the Customized Volunteer Option.

Step 2:  Complete our online inquiry.

Step 3:  Skilled Volunteers for Israel Staff will contact you to schedule your telephone interview.

Step 4:  Initiate Placement Application and Screening.  Submit Placement Application & Fee, and release,  references, and security forms

Step 5:  Applicant Accepted

Step 6:  Volunteer Placement Developed

Step 7:  Orientation and Preparation

Step 8:  Israel and Meaningful Volunteering!

In Israel, our local Israeli staff support your successful volunteer experience.  They will:

  • Share a Welcome Kit,
  • Map out your public transportation routes to your placement,
  • Accompany you to your first meeting,
  • Introduce you to your work  team
  • Check-in regularly.


Debbie Shatten, (right) with Tzav Pius Staff

Want more information?

Email Marla N Gamoran at info@skillvolunteerisrael.org or call 608-469-0458.


“All of the children and the staff have given me such a warm welcome and I have never felt like a stranger in their midst. I can sincerely say that I have felt part of the volunteer team throughout the short time I have been here. I am very grateful to all of its members and am keenly aware that in other volunteer situations it can often take a much longer time to feel at home.”

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