Sample Service Projects: Israeli Non Profits

Serving Israeli Civil Society

Helping People to Help Themselves

Support the development work of the largest Jewish interest free loan organization in the world, enabling Israelis from all walks of life to attain sufficient means to open small businesses or expand existing ones, help immigrants move out of temporary housing, facilitate student loans to obtain academic degrees, allow ailing Israelis to purchase vital equipment and medicines or undergo operations, assist struggling Israelis get back on their financial feet, and much more.

Office based projects may require computer literacy. Internet research, grant writing, translation, finance, business, photography, writing, cataloging, library work and artists could be welcome.

Women’s Health

Jerusalem based organization promotes sexual health, provides pregnancy and birth control counseling and sexual health education. The organization was established in 1976 and was the first service of its kind in Israel that integrated educational activities in the community, individual and couple counseling as well as medical services, under one roof. Samples of service project needs include:

  • Content writing and editing of documents and Annual Report
  • Media kits and media relations
  • Translation from Hebrew to English
  • Website review and improvement
  • Graphic design of documents
  • Public relations strategies and materials
  • Resource development, grant writing, donor communications


Environment and Faith

This organization convenes internationally renowned scientists and faith leaders to convey a united and urgent call-to-action for the global community’s diverse populations and political leaders in order to address imminent environmental challenges. Project needs may include:

  • Photography (could be in Israel or Jordan – please note that expenses associated with travel for this organization must be born by the volunteer)
  • Content writing and editing of documents and Annual Report
  • Graphic design of documents
  • Public relations strategies and materials
  • Resource development


Israeli Religious Pluralism

Do you believe want to ensure that Israel remains a just society rooted in democratic values?  Would you enjoy working closely with the professional staff on a specific supervised project, based in a small dynamic Jerusalem office.

A Jerusalem based non-profit working to implement the basic values guaranteed in Israel’s Declaration of Independence: freedom of religion and equality, without which no enlightened democracy can exist.

Projects include:
Website Improvement and SEO/Social Media:  Put your expertise to task to assist this organization with its unique website which houses an abundant amount of religion and state resources.  If you have experience in website design and content management and strategies to draw more traffic to the site. The organization is also interested in improving its use of social media, particularly in its efforts to reach out to a younger crowd.

Donor Relations and Communications:  The organization is seeking expertise to improve its fundraising capacity.  Current resource development capacity is not optimizing the organization’s  potential impact and new resources would specifically be aimed at expanding the organization’s stellar Israeli public relations presence and communication strategies to the international Jewish and general media.




This was a highlight of my professional career. I had never been to Israel before, and doing it as a Skilled Volunteer for Israel made it a much more meaningful experience than if I had gone as a tourist. I got to know Israel, through the people I worked with and their lived experiences in a deep and profound way. I truly learned as much as I shared my knowledge and expertise. Sara H, New York, 2015




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