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Training Sessions – Recorded

The Skilled Volunteers for Israel Youtube channel includes all the video recordings of trainings and group chats for English B’Yachad:    training videos 


General Training Resources for Tutors

Tutoring Resource Guide v10 25.8.2020

Use the simple English Wikipedia site (

Short Stories for ESL Learners

Pronunciation Tips

Verb Tenses Powerpoint for explaining and understanding Verb Tenses (also listed in the guide)

verb tenses with conjugating – Kathy Judd

Visual of Vowel Sounds for Pronunciation

Hi-Tech-Work Related Resources

Blog post featuring vocabulary words every programmer should know

coding terms

Sample Interview Questions that Programmers Can Practice

Cover Letter Samples

Blog with 17 must ask questions for technology careers.

The Skilled Volunteers online tutoring program is extremely valuable to our efforts to continue to meet the challenge of increasing the accessibility of Ethiopian Israelis to the high-tech industry. Our operations derive from a vision of having the Ethiopian Israeli community fully integrated within all sectors of the Israeli economy. We would like to thank you very much for sharing our dream and for your part in its realization!

Avigail Harel​

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