English B’Yachad “What’s Your Story” Project

The story of English B’Yachad, started in June 2020, is truly amazing. As tutors, we have witnessed the commitment and joy our students bring to learning English. It seems timely and important to capture our students’ and tutors’ experiences in a simple and meaningful way to tell the stories of English B’Yachad as it grows.  This project is an opportunity to create the stories of student progress and our own insights into these rewarding learning relationships.

You can determine if your student wants to co-write the story with you or if you use the project as a discussion topic and you do the writing.


– Build our student-tutor relationships with an easy, productive project

– Get to know each other as tutor participants in English B’Yachad

– Produce a collection, showcasing our students’ English skills and our shared tutoring experiences

– With your participation, this can become a special tradition for students & their tutors

– Bring some fun & creativity into telling the stories of our tutoring experiences


– As tutors, we can lead by example. Tell your tutoring story & share it with your student. 

-Participation is always voluntary – contribute with your student or alone as a tutor.

– Tutors can make each student’s story a learning opportunity. Collaborate in selecting a topic, writing, proofreading & incorporating their learning into a final submission.

– Topics should be focused on the tutoring experience you’ve shared. 

  • What questions have helped you get to know each other? 
  • What have you learned about important events in your student’s life in Israel or the Ethiopean community?
  • What has this experience meant to you …and your student?

How you & your student tell the story of your English B’Yachad experience is your choice. 

  • Write 2-3 sentences or 2-3 paragraphs; or use a Q & A interview format
  • Write about a significant learning accomplishment for your student (reading from an English newspaper, or listening to & discussing a podcast in English)
  • Consider contrasting how your student viewed a current event with your own experience (i.e. COVID in Israel v. in your home city)
  • Write an example to illustrate your student’s progress since beginning tutoring
  • Write about a funny conversation you shared to practice English (comparing Jewish holiday customs, families, work, etc.)

***For privacy concerns, use your student’s first name or first initial.***



April 12, 2021

What’s Your Story collection begins.

Email your stories (word format or in the email) to Marla at mgamoran@skillvolunteerisrael.org

or Write as a google doc and share with Marla

Please don’t send pdfs

May 24, 2021

Last day to submit stories


Online Volunteering: English B’Yachad English Tutoring

I feel very good about my student’s progress!   He told me he was to have a telephone conversation  with a customer who needed IT help on the phone in English.  He said that our tutoring has helped him to be able to do this.  Our session includes role playing  this type of telephone conversation.  Participating in this tutoring program has been so rewarding for me!

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