Skilled Volunteers for Israel offer three program options, each geared to different audiences and needs.

Israel from Inside: a curated, immersive service experience designed for the over 50’s. Build your Live, Work, Play schedule with an individualized service project as the centerpiece of your experience.

Young Professionals: designed for early and mid-career Professionals between the age of 30-45, who want to contribute to Israel through a service project in education or Israeli NGO’s

Volunteer & Study: a summer program combining study with service

 All of our programs offer:

  • Individualized service
  • Orientation on Israel, language and cultural introductions
  • Program preparation materials and resources
  • Local staffing and support
  • Flexible, customizable structure
  • Connections to resources, activities and learning opportunities
  • Questionnaire on your professional skills and interests to match you with the appropriate service project
  • Three service tracks

Each of our three programs enables you to select your service project from one of three tracks representing unique facets of Israeli society. We prepare you to contribute to important programs and our organizational partners welcome you as part of their team. You will experience daily life like the locals. Return home with deep, informed insights on Israel.

Interested in adding a service component to a group trip? Skilled Volunteers for Israel can work with you and your tour operator to integrate meaningful service and volunteering to your synagogue or group itinerary.

Stephanie with the Shutaf TeamQUOTE: This was an amazing experience and far surpassed my expectations. The service placement was a perfect fit, the organization was very welcoming and so appreciative of my service. I felt at home during my stay in Jerusalem and can’t thank the women of Skilled Volunteers for Israel for all of their hard work and support during my experience. Stephanie DeSouza, Pennsylvania, 2016



“All of the children and the staff have given me such a warm welcome and I have never felt like a stranger in their midst. I can sincerely say that I have felt part of the volunteer team throughout the short time I have been here. I am very grateful to all of its members and am keenly aware that in other volunteer situations it can often take a much longer time to feel at home.”

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