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Returning Volunteer, New Experiences

Posted on January 8, 2020

After my first Skilled Volunteer experience in 2016, I said that my days as a “regular” tourist in Israel were over. Today I believe that even more than I did then. I can’t imagine spending my annual winter vacation in Israel just as a consumer. By the same token, I can’t imagine not having opportunities Continue Reading »

A Tikun Olam Winter Vacation

Posted on January 30, 2017

Since 1998 I have spent some time almost every year in Israel. For the first few years, I used my vacation to see places and people I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years. I took tours and checked off items on my “must see” list. After a few years, I found that I was spending Continue Reading »

Lived as an Israeli

Posted on December 16, 2016

For one month I lived like an Israeli – going to work each day, getting a bus pass, taking buses all over the city of Jerusalem, shopping in grocery stores, and just getting the ambience of the city.   Although I have been to Israel over twenty times and traveled all over the country, I never Continue Reading »

Forever Changed

Posted on September 8, 2016

Israel…… Even writing the Word brings tears to my eyes.  This is not a trip that you can simply make by reserving flight, hotel, and tours and expect to have an authentic experience of the country and the people. Somehow I understood this and knew that I had to make a positive contribution to this Continue Reading »

Two Years, Two Volunteer Experiences

Posted on August 10, 2016

For my 2016 Skilled Volunteers for Israel (SVFI) volunteer gig, I deliberately chose a different type activity than my 2015 SVFI experience at Melabev. While my 2015 volunteer position was very much hands-on, I wanted utilize a different set of skills and to focus more on policy matters in 2016. Though the 2015 and 2016 Continue Reading »

Really Lived There!

Posted on June 2, 2016

Three days a week for four weeks this spring, I walked through the Jaffa Gate into the Old City of Jerusalem, weaving my way on the narrow stone streets past vendors and tourists, stopping sometimes for a bagel at Hurva Square, to a two-story building on Mount Zion Road. Could anyone have a better commute Continue Reading »

Volunteering for Purpose

Posted on May 10, 2016

I had been looking to explore another world—a space to give me purpose, pause, and reflection. I needed to briefly step aside from my work in the states to return to a place that would both fulfill my commitment to service and allow me to reconnect with the country I had been away from for Continue Reading »

A Perfect Match

Posted on October 13, 2015

I served as a Skilled Volunteer for Israel, assisting a child welfare agency, Bayit L’chol Yeled (BiLY), from mid-August through mid-October 2015.   This exceptional experience both enriched me personally and added a depth to my time in Israel that will be with me for the rest of my life. Our daughter Aviva was planning a Continue Reading »

Volunteering at the Macro Level

Posted on May 31, 2015

I am so grateful to Skilled Volunteers for connecting me with ORAM International. Terry and Marla worked with me to find a placement that would be of interest, benefit from my skill set, and fit with my schedule and needs. The work at ORAM combines my editing skills and my social work background extremely well. Continue Reading »

The Ness Loan Fund

Posted on May 5, 2015

Submitted by Howard Schneider, May 4, 2015, Beersheba, Israel A very busy yet interesting day.   I arose at 7 to meet my ride to Beersheba. Today is the meeting of the Ness Loan Fund.   The Ness Loan Fund was established to assist small businesses in the Negev. It is a joint program of Continue Reading »

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