English Service Track

English conversation with public school students and/or new immigrants in Jerusalem and Bat Yam

Israeli children begin studying English in third grade. For all Israelis, English is an essential skill that has long-term impact on success in school, higher education, and the workplace. For Israelis with limited access to native speakers, mastering English is even harder.

There is a shortage of qualified English teachers in Israel. Class sizes in some schools can reach as many as 40 students.

Friendly, chatty, warm, and supportive English-speaking adults are a special gift to Israeli public school students studying English. Students may need assistance preparing for English matriculation exams, oral and written comprehension, or just practice speaking. The opportunity for one-on-one interaction using English can build confidence and be a game-changer for Israeli kids. Service settings offer individual or small-group work in English.

Appropriate for both experienced teachers and other professionals.

Teachers bring a wealth of experience and training to working with Israeli English students. But you need not be a trained teacher to have an impact, as you will be working mostly one-on-one with students. Your warmth, curiosity, and people skills will help you help your students. We share a variety of methods and suggested exercises to help expand vocabularies and develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

 Apply your creativity and curiosity to connect to your students on a personal level.

Open the world of your home, culture, and community to your students. Boost their confidence in speaking English.



“All of the children and the staff have given me such a warm welcome and I have never felt like a stranger in their midst. I can sincerely say that I have felt part of the volunteer team throughout the short time I have been here. I am very grateful to all of its members and am keenly aware that in other volunteer situations it can often take a much longer time to feel at home.”

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