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“Improving the level of English in Israel is the key to advancing the economy and improving productivity.” *
“Without English speaking and writing skills, Israelis are limited to jobs with little opportunity for economic upward mobility.” *
“There are very large salary gaps between people with a good command of English and those whose English is poor.” *


Your gift will go directly to support English B’Yachad (EBY) – the online tutoring program that connects English speakers to Israeli young professionals to improve their English language fluency.


  • EBY provides individualized, online English tutoring and mentoring to Israeli young adults from socially disadvantaged backgrounds who seek English fluency and self confidence to better compete in the Israeli job market
  • EBY provides a unique opportunity for North American Jews to be part of a community of volunteers improving the lives of Israelis – and doing so by volunteering from home!

Thank you for giving generously to support expanding English B’Yachad!

Building a supportive community of volunteers working toward a shared purpose
Creating change and opportunity for young adult Israelis
Strengthening ties between Israel and North American Jewry through lasting personal connetions

You can also donate by check by filling out our donation form and sending it along with your check to: Skilled Volunteers for Israel c/o Marla Gamoran, 1755 York Ave, #19C, New York, NY 10128

If you’d like to volunteer as a tutor, click here!

Skilled Volunteers for Israel is a qualified U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

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Through my tutor sessions, I’m exposed to the English language every week.  I have learned about verbs, grammar and tenses.  I understand the rules better and also manage to apply what I learn.  What most important to me is that my tutor believes in me and I even had a conversation recently with my brother in law in English and he was surprised by the way I’m able to speak now!

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