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Israel is a place that many of us have visited as a tourist. The tourist experience is all about visiting the many fascinating tourist sites…. eating the amazing food… marveling at the country’s success.

What is it like to experience Israel from the inside? Connecting personally to the people of Israel? Making an impact by volunteering?

Skilled Volunteers for Israel (SVFI) specializes in connecting you to an authentic, intimate Israel experience. Right now, we offer a “volunteer in Israel – from home – experience! Take a look at our English B’Yachad on-line tutoring program! We hope in future to return to some in-person experiences as well but volunteering in Israel through Skilled Volunteers for Israel is still possible!

SVFI began when founder “50 something” Marla Gamoran sought to contribute to Israel through a service or volunteer project and was surprised to find that no framework for baby boomer volunteering for non-residents in Israel existed.  Not one to let such a need go unfilled, Marla participated in the PresenTense Global Institute for Social Entrepreneurs in 2010 and shortly after launched “Skilled Volunteers for Israel” which has created the network to facilitate volunteer opportunities with Israeli non-profits.

Marla runs the organization as a volunteer and works with talented professionals based in Israel as well as with teams of talented volunteers.

SVFI’s volunteers are retired and working professionals, academics and teachers who seek to make an impact by giving of themselves and who wanted the challenge and reward of experiencing everyday life in Israel.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel is a non-profit organization, exempt under the 501-C-(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code

L’hitraot B’Aretz!


Marla Gamoran,
Skilled Volunteers for Israel Founder and Director

My volunteer work was done as part of the Skilled Volunteers Israel from Inside program, and I happily realized that I was indeed living inside Israel and not there as a passive observer.  Norm F, Portland Oregon

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