“They Called This Place Yerucham”

Posted on June 15, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Lyrics by Ron Hoffman; Tune “They Called The Wind Mariah”

There is a place in Israel’s lands,
That’s dry, and brown and barren.
Its settlers told to make a home
And they called this place Yerucham.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. They called this place Yerucham.

In ’51 they first arrived
Fleeing from persecution,
From countries that had been their home
They chose the Zionist solution.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. They chose the Zionist solution.

In 60 years improvements were wrought.
The town had come together
In spite of differences of every kind
The changes were for the better.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. The changes were for the better.

And now 5 newbees came to town
As volunteers with a mission.
To bring their skills and lend a hand
To achieve Yerucham’s vision.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. To help achieve Yerucham’s vision.

We want to thank the Yeruchamites
For their dreams, and warmth as well.
We hope our thinking has advanced their dream
But only time will tell.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. Only time will tell.

And now we return from whence we came
Inspired in heart and mind.
Never to forget the times we shared
And the friends we left behind.

CHORUS: Yerucham, Yerucham. The friends we left behind.
Yerucham, Yerucham. We LOVE this place Yerucham.

5 Desert Volunteers Sing Yerucham in farewell and appreciation

5 Desert Volunteers Sing Yerucham in farewell and appreciation