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Contribute your talents.
Connect to the people and the place.
Volunteer in Israel.  For Israel.
Meaningful volunteering for adults and retirees in Israel.

Summer 2017 volunteering opportunities in Jerusalem and Bat Yam. Teachers especially needed for summer English enrichment programs.    Want to learn firsthand about what past skilled volunteers have said about their experience? Read our blog.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel matches experienced professionals with meaningful skilled volunteer opportunities in Israel. We link the expertise of North American Jewish adults and retirees with the critical needs of Israel through serious volunteer engagements.

Our volunteers have developed and delivered curriculum, shared online resources, written protocols, and trained students.  Their work, described in our volunteer blogs, is an inspiration and a testimonial to the power of skilled volunteering.

As a skilled volunteer, you not only contribute your expertise, but you demonstrate with your presence, your commitment, your values – your support for Israel and the Israelis working on issues you care about.

Find a project that fits your volunteer interests or customize your volunteer placement.

Getting to know Israel from the inside provides an opportunity for you as a volunteer to connect, communicate and educate others about Israel.  Volunteering side by side with Israeli colleagues creates professional, personal and geographic linkages. Volunteering is a means of connecting the issues you may be involved with in your home community with the work being done in Israel.  It provides the opportunity for cross-fertilization and innovation.

Join us to volunteer in Israel. Transmit your expertise.  Transform yourself and others.  Connect to Israel and Connect Israel to your life, your family and home community.

Export Your Expertise.  Volunteer in Israel.  For Israel.

L’hitraot B’Aretz!

“I have been to Israel many times as a tourist or as part of a specific mission. Skilled Volunteers provided me with the opportunity to do something completely different; to work with and live with Israelis as an Israeli. I will be forever grateful.”  Ron Hoffman, 2013 Skilled Volunteer

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